Daily Schedule

Boys Sports Camp Daily Schedule

Following is a typical day at Camp Chikopi. Schedule may change due to special events or weather conditions. All meals at Camp Chikopi are homecooked, and served family style in the MainHouse dining hall. Counselors head each table and serve camper’s their meals. Vegetarian options are available at each meal.

7.15amEarlybird Exercise – your choice, meet at the dock for a swim or the flags for a run.
8.30amBreakfast – cereal, hot meal, bread, juice/milk, hot chocolate, and fruit.  
Announcements – follow the meal, instructions for the morning classes.
9.30am   Inspection
Campers and cabins are inspected daily for health and safety purposes. 
Campers tidy their personal space as well as perform cabin chores.
9.50am Morning Classes – first of three 50 minute morning sport classes.
12.40pm  Lunch – soup/salad, hot meal, bread, water/juice and fruit.
Announcements  explain the afternoon activities.
Mail call – mail is handed out
1.30pm   Five and Dime – camp tuck shop.
1.30pm    Rest Hour – campers and counselors return to their cabins for a nap or quiet time reading.
2.30pm   Team Practice – each camper joins a team he would like to improve his skills at:
choices include swimming, soccer, softball, tennis, triathlon, cycling or sailing.
3.40pm Team Comp – campers are divided into teams that play games against each other for points. Each team is comprised of a variety of ages and athletic ability.
4.40pm   Elective – beach and a variety of 6 other sports are open to choose from.
6.00pm  Dinner – soup/salad, hot meal, dessert, water/juice, bread.
Announcements – explain evening activities.
7.00pmEvening Activity – usually a pick-up game or competitive canoeing.
8.30pm  Bath – followed by camp fire, library or MainHouse activity.

Snack & Bed –  younger campers go earlier.

Camp Chikopi
A Tradition that’s yours to Discover.

Choosing the right summer camp for your son is a careful and planned decision.  In addition to the web information, we are easily accessible for questions or concerns.  Just give us a call or email us.  We also have numerous current and past camper-parents who are happy to discuss Camp Chikopi with you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon, and having your son join us in the exciting Camp Chikopi experience this summer.

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