Sports Camp - What is it and Why You Should Send Your Son?

Sports Camp - What is it and Why You Should Send Your Son?

May 19 2016

Two of the most valuable experiences for a boy can be found in sports and at camp. These experiences not only provide an outlet for boys to have fun, but also teach them invaluable life lessons. A summer sports camp is an ideal opportunity for boys to experience the positive attributes of both sports and camp in one summer. A sports camp involves boys learning, playing and working together with other boys in various sporting events and activities. Luckily, at Camp Chikopi, we are able to provide all of these amazing attributes to our campers through physical education, relationship and character building activities.
To begin with, Camp Chikopi was founded in 1920, and was designated as Canada’s first all sports camp for boys aged 7-17. We offer a variety of different sports programs ranging from watersports to land sports such as: swimming, canoeing, soccer, cycling and more.  Today, we continue to offer our campers the ability to develop athletic skills, while encouraging healthy living.
We also offer an excellent triathlon training program for individuals who are willing to challenge their physical ability further. At Chikopi boys learn how to dedicate themselves to a summer-long training session in order to compete with their peers in a swimming, cycling and running race. This program is one of our most challenging, yet the program does not lack the fun and enjoyment that other summer sports camps advertise.
At Camp Chikopi, our sports camp not only assists in developing athletic skills, but also helps boys develop relationship building skills with their peers. Playing sports is one of the most effective ways to build relationships, trust and confidence in yourself and others. Not only does attending a sports camp assist in building lifelong friendships, but it also helps boys grow independently, and as a team. A sports camp puts boys in a position to gain confidence in themselves and the confidence and ability to work well with others.
There are many areas of a sports camp that help transform a young boy into a young man, and character building is most definitely one of them.  Attending a sports camp will ensure character building traits are acquired through increased levels of respect and sportsmanship to others. Being respectful to your coaches, teammates and competitors is a building block for how your son will interact as a young adult and further into the future.
At Camp Chikopi, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer great sports programs, in addition to a strong focus on individual and group character building. If you are looking for a sports camp for your son to attend this summer, Camp Chikopi has all the activities to peak to your son's interests in sports and individual development. If you would like to learn more about the triathlon or other sports programs that we offer during the summer, or information regarding our registration, please visit our website,, or call our winter offices, 954-566-8235, or our summer offices, 705-387-3811. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope to see you and your son this summer!


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