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Why is it Important for Boys to be Part of a Team?

Jun 20 2016

As a parent, it is our duty to instill values and skills that will set our children up for success in their adulthood. One crucial skill for boys to learn is the ability to work effectively and harmoniously in a team environment. Whether it is in the workplace or in social situations, adults are constantly challenged within a group setting to cooperate and work together. By placing your son in a team environment, you are providing him with the opportunity to practice achieving success in real world scenarios.
Team sports are the perfect opportunity for boys to practice a variety of important skills. Perhaps one of the most crucial values that are taught by team sports is that ability to cooperate with a wide range of people. When placed in a team, boys are grouped with other boys whom they would not necessarily spend time with otherwise. However, with a common goal in mind, boys learn to find a common ground and work together towards success. Bringing together boys with a wide variety of nationalities, cultural, social, and religious backgrounds is a wonderfully valuable thing.
Being placed into a group environment also teaches boys patience. Working together with a large group of people can be difficult and sometimes even frustrating. Providing a situation to practice these types of scenarios, boys learn how to cope with scenarios that may have seemed overwhelming.
Courage is another key characteristic that is cultivated through group activities. When an opportunity arises for a boy to take a chance, it is important he feels comfortable to sometimes take that leap. Whether it be taking a difficult shot seconds before the end of the soccer game, or trying a new position in basketball, these sports encourage boldness and bravery.
Team sports also provide an excellent opportunity to promote healthy competition.  It is important that today’s male youth learn that winning isn't everything. It is crucial for boys to work out how to handle disappointment and realize that “you win some, and you lose some”. It is also important for boys to learn how to lose graciously – nobody likes a sore loser! After all, sports (and life) is about growing new relationships, working hard, and having fun.
At Camp Chikopi, our staff promote these important values from the minute the campers arrive until the moment they leave. Chikopi offers an assortment of team sports that boys take part in everyday – canoeing, water sports, soccer, baseball, and more.
Apart from the valuable social skills that team sports will teach your son, Camp Chikopi will leave your son with friendships that can last a lifetime. The positive team-building environment creates connections that will not be found anywhere else. The camp also provides positive role models – young and old – for your son to learn from. Be proactive about your son’s future – immerse him in an environment that will set him up for success. For more information or to book your son into the Camp Chikopi Summer camp program, give us a call at (705) 387-3811.

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