Camp Chikopi
Off Season Address:
2132 NE 17 Terrace
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33305, USA
Phone: (954) 566 8235
Fax: (954) 566 3951
Summer Address:
373 Chikopi Rd, Magnetawan,
Ontario, P0A 1P0, Canada
Phone: (705) 387 3811
Fax: (705) 387 4747

Camp Chikopi is pleased to accept credit card payments through Visa or MasterCard.

Please complete and return by post, fax, or email. Sorry, we do not accept authorizations over the phone.

Credit Card Authorization Form

I request that my deposit and any balance due on the account, as shown on the invoice received, and all other charges including but not limited to tuck, transport and rental be charged to my credit card:

Camper Name(s): Name As It Appears On Card:
Account Number: Security Number (Located on Back Of Card):
Date of Expiration: Billing Address for Card:
$ Amount To Be Processed: Date of Transaction:

Signature of Cardholder:
We will email to confirm receipt of your payment. EMAIL: