2022 Camper Forms and Information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

    by phone: September thru May        954-566-8235

                      June, July and August      705-387-3811

    or by email: campchikopi@aol.com

Please download the enrollment form, complete then email to the office in PDF format.

All Fees are in Canadian Dollars.

Check out today's rate of exchange: Click Here

  • Enrollment Form 2022
  • E-Brochure 2022
  • Arrival and Departure at Pearson International Airport: 2022
  • Top 20 Reasons to pick Chikopi: 2022

The second set of forms are to be completed AFTER Enrollment is confirmed - all forms will be emailed to you and will be located under the drop down tab "2022 Camper forms" in Spring 2022

  • Information for campers and families: 
  • Terms and Conditions Policy: 
  • Health Form: 
  • Parents Objectives: 
  • Competitive Swimming Questionnaire: 
  • Transport Information: 
  • Credit Card Authorization: 2022
  • Clothing List: 
  • Bunk1 - How to Email a Camper - instructions and code:


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